Christopher Hicks was a former touring musician as a drummer throughout the United States until his powerful and radical experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a musician he was involved in band management with facilitating and booking tours for multiple performing artists. His experience includes promotion/marketing, graphic design, fundraising, event planning/coordinating and customer relations/marketing communication. In 2016 he began his own 501c3, Upper Room Missions which gained him personal relationships with different government entities around the world. The URM organization was even recognized and received an endorsement by the Ugandan government for the work they have done for the widows and orphans in the country. Through a series of divine appointments Christopher Hicks began his work with Pastor Anwar Fazal as his executive Assistant. The Lord had put it on Pastor Anwar’s heart previously but felt it was now the right time to move forward with the vision the Lord had given him. Christopher helps with building content and other tasks for the new Network. Recently Christopher has married his beautiful wife, Patty Franco Hicks. Patty is a wellness and health coach who has multi-million dollar clients and works part time for NASA as a massage therapist. Recently they have started a program/organization called Lost Lives Matter focused on evangelism, restoration and repentance through God’s love.